Thomas Brown
'WAVE MACHINE ((CLASSIC)) C.1960 (Russian) Working'

In 2017, Thomas Brown co-created another human being and is now coming to terms with the wider implications. In his new series, 'Votive Viscera', Brown calls himself and his beliefs to task in order to evaluate, establish, and affirm his own new existence. Acting as an untested multimedia guide book, 'Votive Viscera' explores themes of education, faith, knowledge, memory, perception, protection, regeneration and reproduction. Released periodically, offerings will materialise in a variety of forms and be placed on

‘WAVE MACHINE ((CLASSIC)) C.1960 (Russian) Working’ is the first offering in the Votive Viscera series (VV01) and is a co-publication between Here Press and Votive Viscera. It is a ‘flip book’ demonstrating the wave machine in motion, accompanied by an animated colophon plus one colour photographic incision.

168 x 230mm, 194pp
25 photographs
Offset lithoprint on coated and uncoated paper
Paperback, perfect bound

Co-published with Votive Viscera
ISBN 978–0–9935853–7–1