'Vasantha Yogananthan: Piémanson'


‘Piémanson beach is said to be the last wild strand of Europe. Located in the south of France, in the heart of the Camargue Wildlife Park, it stretches for 25km up to the mouth of the Rhône river. Its summer population varies from a few hundred inhabitants in May up to 7000 in August.’

‘For the moment, public authorities tolerate this summer gathering despite the ‘coastline’ law, which implies that bivouacking is solely allowed for a night. But the french government having repeatedly announced the imminent end of free access to the beach, the inhabitants of Piémanson wonder every year if they will be able to repeat this enchanted summer episode next year in this part of the world which law-makers seem to have forgotten.’

PiŽmanson30_steven30_scilurePhotographe30_la-maison-du-blanchisseur-2Tina ˆ la vaisselle.30_moni-janaPiŽmanson

Vasantha Yogananthan